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Live person at IRS for state Refund

I filed my taxes January 19th 2018.  I have yet to receive my State refund and CAN'T GET  A LIVE PERSON FOR THE LIFE OF ME.  I need a number, any suggestions please????


I filed electronic but federal ended up being mailed and now state is MIA.  I am a little aggravated with the IRS system.  No person is live all automated and doesn't help one bit


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TurboTax Specialist

Live person at IRS for state Refund

You only call the IRS for your federal return. For your state return, you have to reach out to your state tax office or department of revenue. Those returns are processed by two different government entities. 


You can choose your state here How do I track my state refund? and it will give you steps to track the status. Processing times vary from state to state. Some states have noted they may take up to 90 days or longer to process returns and issue refunds.


If you need to speak with someone at your state tax office, you can go here How do I contact my state Department of Revenue? and get their contact page and get a phone number to call them.