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Visitor I

Checking account number changed without my consent

I noticed when filing that someone changed my checking account number without my consent. The bank name is correct, however, the routing and checking account information has nothing to do with my personal checking account. Apparently refund money from last year went to this account.


I have spent hours on the phone with turbo tax and have not gotten anywhere. No one wants to take responsibility.


Has this happened to anyone else? By the way, the routing number that appears is a Chase Bank, which does not correspond to my account.

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Visitor I

Checking account number changed without my consent

Same thing.  Hope Turbo Tax checks this out.  I requested the refund go to my investment account but when TT presented a screen asking which account, none of the numbers matched the last four of my account and, on further checking, the routing number was for JPM-Chase, not my investment company.  I switched my distribution option to "Send me a check". 

I won a 'white-hat' hacking contest by demonstrating I could alter the routing data on a payroll file to go to a personal account; this looks exactly the same.  NOT GOOD!