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4883C delay. Another delay.

I got an identity verification letter from the IRS, more than a month after filing. Last year I never got this letter but I didn't get my refund or any explanation for the delay until October. Both years I filed with TurboTax and paid extra for the auditing feature. I see that this is a common problem for some reason, though when I filled out my own taxes from scratch this never happened. I'd like a refund from TurboTax since I filed a month  before the due date and now have to wait an additional 9 weeks. Judging from all the similar complaints, I am not going to get a refund from TurboTax, which sucks because the service was so easy to use and now I will never use TurboTax again. You need to fix this problem instead of letting it just exist as a bug. Very poor service. Tell your friends.