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Suggestions for the Community

Hello, everyone!


We want to hear from you! If you have a suggestion for the TurboTax community, please post it below. You can share suggestions for discussion topics, board titles, design, gamification ideas, etc.


Thank you for helping us make the TurboTax community the best it can be!

Catalyst V

Suggestions for the Community

I would like to see a link to New Posts Since Your Last Visit. If this exists, I can't find it.

Member I

Suggestions for the Community

I agree @RocketJSquirrel. I think this is an amazing suggestion. 

Community Manager

Suggestions for the Community

Hi @RocketJSquirrel! We've had similar discussions about this being a feature we'd like to see and will likely be on our roadmap for future improvements. Here is a workaround, though this won't do exactly what you're hoping to see:

  • Trending topics widget: Go to your favorite category (for example... Taxes: > scroll down to the bottom of the page > the "Trending Topics" list will show you the newest threads in that particular category.


Visitor III

Suggestions for the Community

Think TurboTax is doing a fine job they help people out right on the spot they have a good personality they are just great.