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How is Turbo different?

I am a long time TurboTax user.  But, I have used a variety of credit health and financial tools over the years with varying degrees of usefulness.  What sets Turbo apart from other similar services?

Community Manager

How is Turbo different?

Hi there,


Thanks so much for being a TurboTax customer for so many years and would love to provide some more information about Intuit Turbo. 


In addition to giving your credit health and credit score, Intuit Turbo gives you the three numbers that matter most to lenders (your income + credit score + debt-to-income ratio), along with personalized insights and advice.  As a TurboTax customer, you'll also have the option to connect your account to verify your income which can unlock additional offers.


Our Intuit Turbo team is always working to add new product features and functionality, so we'd love for you to give Intuit Turbo a try and hope you enjoy it.

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How is Turbo different?

I just downloaded the Turbo app and for the first time I could see all my debts in one place! It was not pretty but it is so nice to see very thing in one view instead of sorting through many different products. I am not good at tracking things, I just want it simple and done for me. Turbo was pretty awesome at doing that.