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I need to know where is my 2017 refund at I didn't get it at all
by Rooof Visitor I in After You File ‎09-23-2018
I don't know if this is a good place to post this - TT used to have a direct feedback within the program.Under itemization, medical expenses, when entering insurance premiums, it says to not include pretax deductions from an employer or self-employme... read more
by Erimess Member I in Get Started with TurboTax ‎04-09-2018
Received CP2000 letter that there was mismatch in the 1099 form reported by others. Called the IRS on the phone number on the Notice. The representative said the IRS has now received the corrected 1099 information from the payer confirming it was a r... read more
by krlrgt01 Visitor in Other Tax Discussions ‎09-24-2018
my 2017 returns was not accepted by IRS and State but Turbo tax is showing return being accepted?
by ncontreras68 Visitor I in After You File ‎09-23-2018
Turbo system is refusing to let med enter my ssa-1099 income info! Puts me in a loop that says edit the ssa, then circles me back to the same option without ever letting me input the income. ??
by diither Visitor II in Get Your Taxes Done Using TurboTax ‎09-13-2018
I am looking into liquidating highly appreciated equity (stocks exercised from iso of my last employer) that will fall under long term capital gains over the coming years. After doing online research I have come to believe that unless I move away fro... read more
by ken-w Visitor in Other Tax Discussions ‎09-24-2018
I am thinking about selling my home in Wisconsin. I have owned it for a little over 1 year. I am married and file jointly, and our combined income will be about $73,000 this year. What we make on our home after paying realtors should be about $20,000... read more
by Koss12345 Visitor in Other Tax Discussions ‎09-24-2018
Hello everyone,I got engaged this past month and we were wondering if it would be more beneficial for us tax wise to get married before the end of the year or wait until next year to get married.Relevant information:- My total income will likely be u... read more
by JJR3o5 Visitor II in Other Tax Discussions ‎09-23-2018
Hello, I am trying to enter my rental income in Turbo Tax. I rent out my upper bed room for 3 months of last year. I earned $3000 as rental income in the year 2017 and calculated $200 of utility expenses. I entered into TurboTax that I rented out par... read more
by Salil Visitor II in Get Your Taxes Done Using TurboTax ‎09-16-2018
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