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Visitor II

Amending Due to Tax Law Change

I went in and added the PMI insurance to my 2017 tax return. I went back to look over my 2017 tax return and now it's saying i am not getting anything for adding my PMI insurance when it originally said i would get money back since I believe I originally didn't have it on my 2017 tax return. Am I safe to send in my amended return since I notice the difference on what is owed to me or how do I show that $150 credit back to me on my amended return. I hope that makes sense...

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TurboTax Specialist

Amending Due to Tax Law Change

What does your actual Form 1040X say?  Does that show you getting back additional refund?  If so, you are good to go ahead and send in the Form 1040X and include a copy of the new Schedule A.  


It sounds like what happened is you amended your tax return the first time and then accidentally amended it again when you went back in and that caused the refund meter to drop back to 0.