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Can I claim my grandmother as my dependent? 

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You may be able to claim your grandmother as a Qualifying Relative dependent if:


  • You provided more than half of her support in 2017.
  • She earned less than $4,050 in gross taxable income. (Social Security income generally doesn’t count here.)
  • She lives with you 365 days in the year or is related to you.
  • She isn’t a dependent on someone else’s tax return.
  • She isn’t filing a tax return with a spouse (married filing jointly).
  • She  is a U.S. citizen, resident alien, national, or a Canadian or Mexican resident.

 NOTE: You can’t claim a dependent if you are a dependent on someone else’s taxes


If you would like further details on the rules for claiming dependents, please click on the following link:

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It is possible, yes.  If your grandmother made less than $4050 of taxable income for the year, and you provided at least half of her support, you are allowed to claim her, even if she did not live with you. 


Sí, es posible poner una abuela como dependiente.  Si ganó menos de $4050 de ganancia reportable, y tú le suministraste por lo menos la mitad de su sostén, puede ponerle como dependiente aunque no vivió contigo el año pasado.  Para más información, puede hacer clic en el siguiente enlace del IRS:  Pariente calificado, y luego hacer clic en el enlace: Requisito de Miembro de la Unidad Familiar o de Parentesco.



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