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Visitor I

restaurants and computers tax deductible

Currently, I am a sales manager for a restaurant. This job entails that I participate in the sales and marketing aspects of the restaurant. So I must use a computer to help with promotions and update events and so on an so forth. 

I enrolled in a computer coding boot camp (6month long program) which is not paid for or required for my current job. It, however, would help my job to become easier and allow us to not outsource some of the responsibilities to another company. Is the loan that I took out for this class tax deductible? Or is at least the interest I pay tax deductible?

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Catalyst V

restaurants and computers tax deductible

Unfortunately, the cost of your computer classes are not a deductible work related expense and neither is the interst you pay on a loan to pay for the classes, because it is not a requirement of your employment, or continued employment. Additionally, starting with the 2018 tax season your work related expenses are no longer deductible for a W-2 job.