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Visitor II

how to get rental information back?

we have some rentals, in past used turbotax (TT) to account for sale when we sell the rental.   As we always use turbotax and it looks at previous years, TT can get information for depreciation.   


Problem is that this year we filled data on house sold in Jan 2017, and it had no rental income.  I was prompted for rent, I said zero, TT got rid of this house from records.   How can I get it back?   

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TurboTax Specialist

how to get rental information back?

Unfortunately, once the information on your rental property has been removed by the program, it cannot be reinstated.


However, you have all the information you need to report the sale of your rental in the workpapers of your prior year tax return.


Look for an Asset Entry Worksheet (not an IRS form) that will have the basic info on the property.


Then look for the Depreciation and Amortization Report (not an IRS form) that will report the prior and current depreciation expense on the property. The total of those two columns equals the total depreciation taken over the life of the asset. See the screenshot below for an example of this report.