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Visitor II

TurboTax 2017 Tax Table

Turbo Tax update from the 2017 Instructions Tax Table does not match what the IRS has published for the the Single - Taxable Income for $87,628. 

In the IRS instruction book the range is shown at 87,600 - $87,650 states $17,645. 

Turbo Tax Premier calculates it at $17,569 .  This is a difference of $75.00 which causes a taxpayer to have to pay additional taxes plus penalty and interest because of this simple error.  As a user, the Software was updated to the latest update.  Please correct this error.

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Member III

TurboTax 2017 Tax Table

Tax Table are not used for many returns.  The method used to calculate tax depend on the type of income in your tax return.  For jut one common example, if you have any capital gains from sales, or Qualified Dividends, the Tax Tables are not used.