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Visitor I

Turbo Tax doesn't have the form I need

My taxes were rejected due to a error , stating I need form 8862 earned income credit. I paid for my taxes online but can't seem to get pass this and where is this form? 



Thank you Anthony

TurboTax Specialist

Turbo Tax doesn't have the form I need

To prepare a Form 8862 in TurboTax Online:

  • Continue your return in TurboTax Online. (If your return isn't open, you'll need to sign in and click Take me to my return.)
  • Click Tax Tools (lower left side of your screen).
  • Underneath Tax Tools, click Tools.
  • In the Tools Center popup window, click Topic Search.
  • In the I'm looking for: box, type 8862.
  • In the results box, highlight 8862, then click GO.
  • This should take you to the EIC interview. Follow the onscreen instructions to advance through the interview. When TurboTax prompts "Do any of these uncommon situations apply?", check "I got a letter/notice from the IRS telling me to fill out an 8862 form to claim the Earned Income Credit" and click Continue.
  • Continue through the interview. On the screen that says "Since you got an IRS notice, we need to check on a few things", select "No, none of these apply and I need to fill out the 8862" and click Continue.
  • Continue following the onscreen instructions to prepare the Form 8862.
Visitor I

Turbo Tax doesn't have the form I need

these  instructions DO NOT WORK ..  I have tried this multiple times with same results.  keeps telling me I do not need to fill out form.  but return still rejected...