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Tax on L1 VISA

Hi, I am an Indian in UK at the moment on ICT visa, I cannot apply for PR on this visa in long run. I have got an opportunity in US, either New Jersey or Texas(not decided yet) with a salary of 80,000 USD and the company is happy to apply for L1 (So that the spouse can also work). I asked them about GC, they will consider after 2 years if everything goes well and my priority is to take a project where I can settle in long run. With Trump's policies, some people are telling me not to consider US, some are saying it is worth. Please can you advise. Also someone mentioned that the tax for L1 visa might me different so how do I calculate my in hand salary? With one child ready to go to school how much min. monthly expense (with a 2BR in a gud location) are we looking at? Thanks a bunch