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Sate tax in box 17, but no state wages in box 16????

First off the HR department of this particular company is AWOL, as I have tried to call them.  I live in MO, work in Illinois.   I was a contract worker for an IL company (through a MO headhunting firm) for the first part of 2017.   All of the pay I earned in that time was listed under IL wages and IL tax was held accordingly.   When I got my W2 there is a state tax amount lists in Box 17, for MO, but no wages?


Can anybody think of what would caused that or what I should put in the tax program?    Turbotax flags the blank as an error.     


There are wages listed for the IL section and it is the same as my federal wages.  The IL taxes are paid accordingly and at an appropriate rate.  

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Sate tax in box 17, but no state wages in box 16????

Hi Geo_08, 

Often there may be more than 1 page for your w-2....  Box 17 should show State taxes withheld from your paychecks, if State taxes for IL were held than that is what should be listed in boxes 15-18.  Hope this helps!