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Visitor II

Received a 1098-t for amounts billed in 2016, didn't file it and now have a second 1098-t for 2017.

I received a 1098-t from my college in 2016 and "amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses" was the only box with an amount in it. My tuition was all paid for with financial aid and I believe they didn't receive the money until 2017 so I looked up if I was supposed to file it and to my understanding at the time, I didn't have to file it until the following year. Now I have a second 1098-t for 2017 with amounts billed and box 5 "scholarships or grants" both have amounts in them. I am also going to school this semester, so I assume "amounts billed" has the amount for this semester in it as well. Anyways, I'm not sure what to do with these 1098-ts and I'm not sure if I did the wrong thing not filing the 2016 one last year. Help!