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RMD from inherited IRA; non-deductible contributions to a different traditional IRA. 8606?

My spouse has two IRAs.

IRA #1is an inherited traditional IRA that she is required to take RMDs from. There were no (as far as we know) non-deductible contributions made to it. 

IRA #2 is a traditional one that has roughly $25K in non-deductible contributions. She is not taking any distributions from #2.

Question #1: Do we need to file form 8606? TT behaves as if I don't. When I enter the info from the 1099-R for the distribution from #1, it asks me if the original IRA holder made any non-deductible contributions to #1, but never asks if my spouse made any to #2. I say 'no,' and TT skips all of the questions that would be needed to fill in 8606. 

Question #2: What is the difference between 8606-S and 8606-T?