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Primary Site Mileage Deduction

I presently work for a company in Mineola NY but I work out of a Town Municipality for the last 10 years 40 hours a week. I work as an IT professional who has to travel around the Town to support the user base. Should I receive mileage deduction going from primary site to any other site? I live on the south shore and the commute is 25 miles each way. Does this come into play?

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Primary Site Mileage Deduction

You cannot deduct your commuting mileage but the miles traveled between client sites is deductible business mileage. You'll need to itemize deductions (Schedule A) to claim this mileage, which won't be fully deductible as it is included with miscellaneous expenses that are subject to the 2% rule



For more information, please see Business Use of Vehicles and Where do I enter job-related employee expenses? (Form 2106) .