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Visitor II

My Employer Didn't Withhold My Federal Income Tax!

Hello everyone.


I started my job at the beginning of June, 2018. My pay is bi-weekly.


I just got my first payment deposit, and I noticed that only social security, medicare, and my additional withholding of $25 that I entered in my W-4 are being withheld! No mention of the federal income tax! Before you ask, I filed 3 allowances in my W-4. I have earned some money from a part-time job so far this year before starting this job, but I have made less than $2000 probably.


Okay, now I have two questions:

1- Why wasn't the federal income tax withheld?

2- How can I estimate my tax withholding (using the tax brackets) if I'm an hourly-based employee?


If anybody can help me to find some answers, I would highly appreciate it.



Thank you.