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Looks like your 1099-Q is taxable ....

In entering in the 1099-q info, the above statement shows up when entering in the info from the 1099-q where my daughter is the recipient.


Summary: We received 2 1099-q forms for my dependent daughter.  She is recipient on one form and I am recipient on the other (as I paid some expenses and was reimbursed from the 529).  She is dependent on my tax return.  Withdrawals exceeded expenses by a few hundred dollars in 2017 (Student Information Worksheet, part VIII, line 8), but only the portion attributed to the 1099-q with ME as recipient flows to the 1040, line 21 income.  Shouldn't the total amount on the Student Information Worksheet, part VIII, line 8 flow to the 1040, line 21?  She is not entering her own tax return.


Since she does not otherwise need to submit a return, what to do with the $140 taxable amount that is identified when entering her data?