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This was our 1st year having an HSA account. We received Form 1099-SA showing our distributions for medical expenses we paid for. But my husbands W-2 does not show anything in box 12 with a W to show how much we put into the HSA. Instead his company just deducted it from his wages in Box 1. What do I do? I don't know how to fill out form 8889. Please help. Do I need to request a correted W-2? 

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Yes, request a corrected W-2. The HSA contribution amounts are to be reported in the Box 12 of your W-2 with a code of W.


The box 12 will have the employee and employer contribution amount and the code is what gets transferred to the proper form. 


If your employer can give you this amount, you don't have to wait on the form to file, but they do need to correct the W-2. Enter the amount in the box 12 entry form in TurboTax.