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Figuring cost basis on money held back for a year after sale of stock

My company that I had stock in was bought by another company in 2016 and I had to sell all of my shares.  In 2016, I received a 1099 form that listed the amount I received which was ~93% of the proceeds.  The other 7% was held in escrow to ensure all closing costs, etc would be covered.  Now a year later (2017) I have received the remainder of the proceeds along with another 1099.  My question is this, in 2016 I figured the cost basis on the total amount we paid per share in 2010.  Should I do the same thing again for this remaining distribution that I received in 2017?  The reason I am asking is that the 2017 amount is less then the initial purchase so it will look like a loss, even though when you look at the sum of both distributions, we gained.