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Excess IRA and recharacterization question

I am over 50 yo.  I put 3100 in my Roth this year and 9000k in my traditional.    So, total overage is 5600 !  I cannot figure out if  I can re-characterize  the entire 5600  to the ROTH  because if I recharacterize this way, i will still have an excess contribution of 5600 (but only in the Roth).  In other words,  am i supposed to recharacterize  only up to the mx of 6500 and withdraw the rest?


AND I am not sure how to calculate the earnings (or losses) of this excess and if I add that figure to the overage.  


AND I contributed to my Roth at Vanguard BUT my traditional was through auto employer contributions and is not at Vanguard...