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Visitor II

Amending 2017 Return with a 1099-B

My federal and state returns for 2017 have been filed and accepted.  But I had forgotten that I completely sold my stock shares in 2017 and received a 1099-B.  These are shares purchased by my grandmother in the 90's and transferred to me several years ago.  The 1099-B form they sent me has them listed as Uncovered, with no date acquired information.  The proceeds amount to $1,331 and no federal or state taxes withheld.  


Using turbo tax to help file an amended return, it was showing no change in what I owed on the federal or state level after I entered all the information.  The program reviewed everything and I was ready to print and send in the amended return.  However from what I can tell I am not required to pay any money, nor am I receiving any money back.  I am in the 15% tax bracket, and from what I gather long term capital gains tax is 0%.  


Knowing all of this, is there any point in filing an amended return if there is no change in money owed on either side?