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Visitor I

2018 TurboTax program

I was trying to find out if there are any estimates as to when Turbo Tax 2018 is going to be available.  I've reviewed the TTax web and can't find anything.



Catalyst V

2018 TurboTax program

The TurboTax 2018 desktop CD/Download software should be available by mid-November 2018.  For the TurboTax 2018 online editions they would normally be available in early December 2018.

Visitor III

2018 TurboTax program

Are there going to be  significant change in view of the Tax Cut Job Act in Class of Programs from Deluxe, Premier etc, as there will be 1-6 schedules and no more 1040 EZ etc? In other words  I used to use Deluxe CD will I be able to use same?