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1099-B is hundreds of pages and Etrade sent it on a disk, can we save some time and trees?



I am in the category of

1 ) 1099-B way too big to import

2)  I did the summary info on 8849 and now TurboTax says I have to send in the paper copy of the 1099-B with the 8453.


3) Etrade did not send me a paper copy. They sent it on disk. So printing it is on me.


It is 600+ pages long, and it is all info that Etrade already provided to the IRS.


Do I really need to kill the trees and the time (and take the trips to office depot for more paper and ink) to print it myself? Is there no work around where either I can just rely on the copy the IRS already has from Etrade to be sufficient, or somehow send the IRS a PDF? Or something?


Why can't I just attach a PDF with my TurboTax return. 600 pages!


Thank you!