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Out of state tax credit

I’m trying to figure out how much I owe the state of Ohio for the year 2016. I never filed an Ohio state refund for 2016, and now they want their money. I worked a job in North Dakota the first 4 months of the year, and worked a different job in Ohio the rest of the year. My address never changed to North Dakota while I was working there, but I paid state taxes to North Dakota for my income worked there, and I paid Ohio taxes from when I worked there. I’ve read that Ohio (my resident state) should credit me for the taxes I paid to North Dakota while working there, and that they can’t tax me for the income I received from my employer in North Dakota. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to figuring out what I owe and how to file Ohio taxes for 2016?
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Out of state tax credit

To file a prior year tax return, use the link below to purchase the software.


How do I file a prior year tax return?


Indicate under the Personal Information section that you earned income in another state. When completing your state tax returns, complete your current state return before the prior year return. See link below for instructions.


How do I file a part-year state return?