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Visitor II

suggestion: Allow auto-save on TurboTax desktop edition

My TurboTax Home Business 2017 app crashed while I was trying to save my return, so I had to redo about half-an-hour of work. Cat Sad

Implementing auto-save on the app could help prevent problems like this from happening.

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Visitor I

suggestion: Allow auto-save on TurboTax desktop edition

I lost my work too.. due to death battery on laptop... After Restarting Comp, my TurboTax said - that my work - was Auto-saved...  I was so happy! I clicked Yes, open it - just to get disappointed... TurboTax said - file Error... ( i assume, it did not find the correct location of the Auto-saved file? 
I opened  the file i was working on - and 3 days work - gone! I hope, it did Auto-save - somewhere - i am searching all over my comp - in Recent Files - nothing... 
Q. WHERE on the Earth - could be stored that Auto-saved  files?