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original and corrected 1099 forms

I received "original" 2017 Consolidated 1099 forms from my investment company, dated 2/6/2018. It contains a 1099-DIV, Details of 1099-DIV, and 1099-B.  THEN, I received "corrected" 2017 Consolidated 1099 form(s) from the same investment company, dated 3/10/2018. It contains only 1099-DIV and Details of 1099-DIV with no 1099-B and no other information.


The "corrected" form states: Your account is receiving this amended tax form due to one of the following reasons: Reallocation of payments received within your portfolio, updated cost basis information, and/or other tax-related payments. We cannot provide tax advice. Questions concerning how the 1099 form may affect your individual tax return should be referred to a licensed tax professional.

Do I need to report anything from the "original" 2017 Consolidated 1099 forms? OR do I treat it as if it doesn’t exist and use only the "corrected" forms…meaning I essentially don’t have a 1099-B?



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Member I

original and corrected 1099 forms

I contacted the IRS. They said to report only what is on the “corrected” form.
Their phone number can be found here: