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Vehicle Expense Deduction - Are these miles eligible?



For one of my jobs, I work for a company as a retail price data collector. I get a W-2, but do not have a home location. Instead, I drive from my house to various job sites during the week. I get reimbursed for mileage (but that reimbursement is taxed as part of my income). I also do not get paid for the first 30 miles of each day, and I'm only reimbursed 30 cents per mile.


Can I claim any of this as a vehicle expense deduction? If so, can I claim all miles that I drove for this job at the standard mileage rate?


In addition, I started this job in 2016 but did not claim any miles as a vehicle expense deduction at that time (I thought this driving just counted as a commute). I'd like to go back and amend that return to take this deduction, if that would be allowed! However, if it is, would I need to amend last year's return before I can file this year's?


This is so confusing and any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!