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TurboTax Keeps Closing

I am using TT Premier on Win 10.  The program is very unstable and keeps closing, typically when I save a file, or open or close a form.  When I reopen, my file has to be "recovered" about 50% of the time.  I have given my OS a "fresh start" and reinstalled the program, without any improvement.  Any suggestions?


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TurboTax Keeps Closing

1) Make sure you have plenty of disk space.

2) Folks with solid-disk-drives and variable system memory have had problems in the past, and have needed to set a locked system memory size...but I don't know whether it is still a problem.

3)  Don't put your file on a removable drive of flash drive...that will crap out on you.  Only work on files on your system disk

4)  Call Customer Support during working hours Mon-Friday only: