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Visitor II

Turbo Tax (Expert Services) Refund Problem



Yesterday I completed my taxes using Turbo Tax Deluxe like I have been doing for the last decade. This time after I paid my $59.99 fees I immediately noticed that the Expert Services was tacked on at an additional cost of $74.99. It was my error to not fully check the total before submitting payment, as I was rushing and pressed the payment button which charged my credit card in the amount of $134.98 ($59.99 plus $74.99).

After noticing the mistake I immediately called TurboTax customer support and the nice lady on the line told me she has to call a different department to get my refund authorized. After a few mnutes on hold she came back on the line and then told me that the agent she spoke with told her they can't refund the $74.99, but only 20% of the total, because I've already used the service, WHICH I'VE NOT DONE!


How is this possible since right after paying the fee I immediately called and asked for the refund which Turbo Tax is refusing to honor based on a false claim/statement that I've used the Expert Services without proof (there's none).  Over the many years using Turbo Tax I've made payments of more that $700 and this is the last time I'll be using this program if they're in the business of stealing from hard working tax filers.


My order number is  TTWQP1PZ25821035 in case management would like to provide me that non-existing proof (which they don't have) that I've used this Expert Services. I've never paid for these types of service ever using TurboTax.


Please someone from management with TurboTax contact me to sort out this issue with me as I feel cheated on by I company that I had trusted over the years.


Turbo Tax (Expert Services) Refund Problem

Hello! I'm so sorry you had a frustrating experience trying to get the charge for the extra service removed. I checked your account and it looks like the full amount was refunded. If you have further questions, please let me know!

Visitor I

Turbo Tax (Expert Services) Refund Problem

I have a similar problem.   I admit, in my case, that I did click the button to ask an "expert" service to get a question answered, just one specific question.  But the supposed "expert" knew nothing and could not answer my question about why I had to pay AMT this year when I have never had to pay it before.   The "expert" apologized that the AMT was not their area of expertise, and I asked for my money back.  A case was opened but no one will remove what was marketed as a $60 service and now is a $75 scam fee, marketed like this: "Your CPA or EA will review your work and make any necessary changes. Get their approval to file and our 100% Accuracy Guarantee."   What kind of guarantee is it if they can't answer one question??  I'm at the point where I'm not going to file with Turbo Tax at all and will let all my colleagues at IBM International know what happened to me.