Visitor I

Tax program for clergy

Does Turbo Tax offer a program for filing a return for a member of the clergy.  It would have to include a way of dealing with housing allowances and expenses.

TurboTax Specialist

Tax program for clergy

Yes, you can use TurboTax Self-Employed or a TurboTax CD/Download software product to file a clergy return,  including housing allowance and expenses.



For more information and links to instructions for entering your housing allowance in TurboTax, please see this FAQ: Is a parsonage or housing allowance deductible?



Visitor II

Tax program for clergy

I have used Turbo tax for over a decade and it has correctly asked me about my housing allowance and related expenses. On line 7 it will print "EXCESS ALLOWANCE $xxx" if you spent less than the amount on your W-2 or 1099.


For example my Housing allowance on my w-2 might be 12,000 but I can only account for 11,000 of expenses. So line 7 of my return in T-Tax will say "EXCESS ALLOWANCE 1,000"