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TT not carrying over California suspended passive losses

I've never had this problem before with TT, but with my 2017 TT Deluxe Desktop, prior year passive activity losses carry through just fine with Federal.  But for California, the losses from 2016 shown on Form 3801 (and worksheets) as prepared by 2016 TT are not carrying through.  One way would seem to be in the state adjustment for each asset one could enter amounts, but, I don't think that the form/process form the prior year specifically identifies which losses were allowed based on each asset.  Plus, there are losses from 2015, which I believe are only reflected in 2016 as a lump sum.  
Is this a bug with TT?  How can I fix?  Reading the CA tax code, there do not seem to be any differences between the FTB treatment and the IRS that would apply to me (a non R/E professional), so this is quite baffling (and frustrating)