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Stop it from filing RITA?

I've completed the federal and state portion of TurboTax. It asked me if I wanted to complete the RITA taxes and I (mistakenly) said yes. Big mistake. Now it's asking me strange questions like "form 37, Page 1, column 6, through date must be entered" - and no matter what I type in the same error pop up window says "Incomplete data".  I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of this error, but no matter what I click on it won't take me back to - before - it asked if I wanted to do RITA. 


How can I bypass the RITA portion and finish filing the rest of the state portion? 

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Stop it from filing RITA?

I am having the SAME problem. In my case, I have 3 local tax lines on my W2 - 1 for the RITA city, 1 for the non-RITA city I moved to, and 1 for a school district income tax. TurboTax is reading all 3 lines as RITA entries. I have even already paid to file, and I can't because of the "errors". Ugh!