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Resident Alien, 1042s, Income code 16, exemption code 4&16

Hi, I am an international student who has been stayed at NY more than 5 years. As a resident alien I was trying to print out my tax forms through Turbotax. I have two forms, W-2 (in-campus work) and 1042S (scholarship). On the 1042s, income code is 16; box 3a says exemption code 04; box 4a says exemption code 16; boxes 7a, 8, 9 and 10 say 0. Do I still need to input the information about the gross income (about 15000 dollars) and tax withheld (which is 0)  of the 1042s form in the Turbox software? If I have to , what I should do? Or I just need to input my W-2 information?