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Reject Illinois State Return


My filing for both Federal and the state of WI were accepted but my IL return got rejected. The email I received says :

What happened
IL1040-8000-2 - This return could not be processed for electronic filing by Illinois because of an issue with one or more of the pieces of information used to validate the signature: IL PIN, Prior Year AGI, Driver's License or State ID Number.
IL1040-8600-2 - Please review and correct the Primary taxpayer's signature requirements. At least one of the following signature fields must be present and valid on the Dept. Of Revenue's file: IL PIN, Prior Year AGI, Driver's License or State ID Number.

However when I got into the software and fix this problem there is no details about what is causing the problem and I am not sure how to fix it. I already tried to fix and refile once and got charged another $25 which is very frustrating when the software claims that you will not be charged for that.  I again just opened up my IL return and have no idea where I am supposed to go to fix this problem. Thank you.

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Reject Illinois State Return

Please see this FAQ article:


Since you have already tried more than once, it might be best to print and mail your tax return.


You can contact TurboTax support about the charges by starting here: