Visitor II

Problem with Form 4562

I've been filling out the depreciation/asset info for my rental property and it spits it out on screen (in the summary) as fine.  However, when I download for review, the actual Form 4562 doesn't reflect my online answers. For example, the printed worksheet has my property listed under special depreciation.  My property is listed as a 7 year property with 200 DB and $10 depreciation, whereas when I look at my summary online, it's listed under residential rental property with S/L method and a much higher (and correct) depreciation.  HELP. I'm pretty sure this is a glitch - I just cant figure out how to override it.  (I tried to delete the worksheet and start over, but it didn't help. (I'm thinking of just filing by snail mail and replacing the Turbo Tax Form 4562 with my own that has the correct data.)