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Paying your state taxes with your federal

When we filed our taxes for the first time I checked the box to file my state taxes and to have the money we owed the state to be paid for out of our federal return. When I got our return I figured the state was paid for the way they were supposed to be. TODAY the state hit my account for the money owed. WHY?????? 


Why did I pay the extra money for it to be taken out of my federal return back in February and then it was not? I am mad at the fact it is being taken out now when I have bills to pay and this messes that up. 

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TurboTax Specialist

Paying your state taxes with your federal

There has been a misunderstanding. The Refund Processing Service lets you file your federal return without paying your TurboTax fees upfront. It's these fees, not your state taxes, that are paid from your federal refund. You cannot pay your state taxes from your federal refund.


Since the state took the payment from your bank account, you must have selected direct debit as the payment option.