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Line 30 on form 1040A for 2014


Line 30 on form 1040A for 2014



I was doing a simulation to fille out a form 1040a-2014 and a noticed that the line 30 is not summed by the simulator.


For me is clearly "Add lines 28 and 29"


Why the simulator did not add the lines 28 and 29?




Filling status: married filling separately.
W-2: 33,255.00

1099-INT: 357.00

Fed. withheld: 3,000.00



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Catalyst V

Line 30 on form 1040A for 2014

If the image you posted is truly from TurboTax 2014, then the "draft" watermark indicates to me that you have not yet downloaded and installed all the required updates for the program. That more than likely, is the reason why the math is not being done. On the top menu bar click ONLINE, then CHECK FOR UPDATES and keep doing that until no updates are available.