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I used TurboTax last year. There is a record of my tax return for 2016 when I sign in. I used the CD rom this year and it will not let me view last years taxes because it says I did not purchase TurboTax. I actually did purchase it....just a different version. Can someone at TurboTax please override this and let me in? I can't get through to anyone on the phone, and when I do, it's automated and leads nowhere....or I get hung up on.

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Last years AGI

The CD/download version does not have access to your online filed return. To open the 2016 online tax file in your 2017 CD version, you need to first save the 2016 online file to your computer. 


  • Sign into your 2016 online account
  • Scroll down a bit and select the 2016 tax year from the 'Your tax returns & documents section'
  • Select 'download .tax file'
  • Once downloaded to your computer, open your 2017 CD software to transfer the 2016 data