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IRS wont accept efile cant pay federal balance due

I filed for an extension so i could get my W-2s from last jobs. i went to H&R block because i was confused so they helped me pay my federal amount due from my current job. just now got W2s from old job and owe an additional amount. IRS kicks back my efile saying a return was filed using the same SSN. how do i pay the remaining owed from my old jobs W-2s.

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Catalyst V

IRS wont accept efile cant pay federal balance due

Since your 2017 return was already filed and accepted by the IRS, you flat out can NOT e-file another 2017 return. Period. To report the additional income you will need to file an amended return. Now since you filed your original return with H&RB, using TurboTax to file an amended return will be *expensive* and complicated. I suggest you return to the entity that filed your original return and have them amend your already filed tax return for you.

Note also that *you* can not e-file an amended return. The IRS says so. You would have to print it, sign it and mail it to the IRS.