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Visitor I

I paid for my state download and nothing downloaded.

I paid for my "state download" on my 2017 tax return.  After I paid for it I got a confirmation email about my payment, but nothing was downloaded and it wants me to pay again.  How do I download my state tax papers?


I paid for my state download and nothing downloaded.



I believe you're working on TurboTax Desktop - where you actually install the software into your computer and get an icon on your background. Is that right?


If so, when you get the state download, it comes as an ".exe" file that you'll need to double click on, if it doesn't open automatically. 


Since you said nothing happened it sounds like that wasn't the case. Smiley Sad Sorry about that. 


To be extra sure, when you have the the TurboTax software open, you should see a "Refund Meter" at the top of the window. It will read, "Federal Tax Due" or "Federal Tax Refund." Next to it, you might see the "State Refund Meter" - if you see it, you did actually install the software and didn't realize it. If you didn't, well then we're back where we started. 


But don't worry. We'll see you through this. 


You can double check that no downloads came through by checking your Downloads file, most likely in your C: drive. If you do see a recent .exe file with your state name, double click it and it should install itself after you approve a couple things. 


If still nothing is there, or if you're not on the desktop version at all and instead are on the online version - where you sign in and answer questions online, then try contacting us through the Help button. On either the desktop or online version, it's in the upper right corner. Then type "Contact Us." 


You can also use this link.  


An agent will be able to find your order and make sure you get what you need. Smiley Happy 


Please feel free to post with any updates!



Visitor III

I paid for my state download and nothing downloaded.