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Feedback: TurboTax question is wrong (Military-Related Charity)

This post is to provide feedback to Intuit so they fix their TurboTax question.


At the end of the Deductions & Credits sections, when I click the "Wrap up tax breaks" button, because I'm military one of the additional questions asks whether I donated to a military-related charity.  Both options it provides to respond to the question are false.


The first option is wrong because I didn't make a regular donation.  Rather than having them put an allotment on my Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), I chose to write a one-time check.


The second option is wrong because I did in fact make a donation.



Here is the question as it appears on the screen: 


Did You Donate to a Military-Related Charity in 2017?


Let us know if you gave money to any military-related charities.  We're looking for recurring donations that are taken directly out of a paycheck on a monthly basis and reported on the Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).


If you're not sure, we recommend you check your LES at, and be sure to look for the total annual amount (Charity YTD).



  • Yes, I regularly donated to a military-related charity in 2017.
  • No, I didn't donate to a military-related charity in 2017.
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TurboTax Specialist

Feedback: TurboTax question is wrong (Military-Related Charity)

That is a bit confusing and we appreciate your feedback. Perhaps it would be helpful to add a note stating that out-of-pocket contributions to military-related charities are entered in the regular donation section.