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Excess HSA contribution - next steps to continue filing

Turbo Tax told me that I made an excess 2017 HSA contribution ($3400). Before I file my 2017 taxes next week, tomorrow I will contact my HSA provider and ask them to remove the extra contribution and earnings. What happens after that?


  1. Do I have to wait for a new form from my HSA provider indicating the removal BEFORE I file my 2017 taxes?
  2. If NO to above, how does Turbo Tax handle the $3400 and the earnings for 2017?

Basically, how do I check that everything is in order and what all do I check for before filing my 2017 taxes?




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TurboTax Specialist

Excess HSA contribution - next steps to continue filing

1. No you don't have to wait to file your return

2. Indicate in the HSA section, that you will remove the excess contributions before the due date. TurboTax will then remove the excess calculation from the Form 5329 and the extra tax penalty.