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Elected to use full $4000 QEE for AOC calculation but TT only using $3816

My daughter is a college freshman and had $6950 of QEE (tuition, fees, required books) for the fall 2017 semester, with additional expenses of $5938 for room and board.  She received $9525 in scholarships.  I am claiming her as a dependent on our return.  In going through the questions on TT, I specified to use $4000 of her QEE to generate the AOC credit of $2500.  However, it seems that TT only used $3816 of QEE to generate an AOC credit of $2454.  Our AGI is below the $160K threshold for MFJ, so we should be eligible for the full $2500 AOC.  The discrepancy is small I know, but I'm curious why TT deviated from what I requested (full $4000).  Is TT doing some kind of behind the scenes optimization here?