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Do I need to file in CA?

So here's my situation for 2017:

- I was a part time employee getting a W2 in my home state, NJ

- I was a contractor working for a company in NYC.  The contractor company is based in San Fran, CA, that's the address on that W2.  The W2 has NY and NJ filing and reference copies on the form.

- I was a freelancer for companies in NYC (one made me W2, the other 1099'ed me for almost 2000 dollars)


Do I have to do a California state tax form?  Or just NJ (where I worked normally and live), and NY (where I made most of my money, via W2 and 1099).



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Do I need to file in CA?

If the contract work was based in NYC, then that is where you would file it. It doesn't matter where the company was based or head quartered from.