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Deduct mileage not reimbursed by employer

My job requires me to drive to a variety of clients all over the Chicago-land area. My employer reimburses me the standard mileage rate per mile (53.5 cents per mile), but only after traveling 20 miles to / from the client (this is the # of miles from the corporate office).  I was told recently (by a non-accountant) that I could deduct the 40 miles that I am not reimbursed by my employer on my income taxes.  I almost never go into the corporate office and sometimes I work from home.  Is this ok to do or was someone misinformed?  I do not have a home office that I claim on my taxes.


Thanks in advance!

TurboTax Specialist

Deduct mileage not reimbursed by employer

It would appear that your employer reimburses for mileage between the main office and a temporary work location, but only for mileage exceeding the distance from home to the main business location. If this is true (you live 20 miles from the main business office), then the first 20 miles are considered commuting miles and are not eligible employee business expenses.


If you exclusively worked from home (and were not assigned to the home office), those miles might be considered deductible job-related expenses. That doesn't seem to be the case in your situation.


For more help, please see Figure B, "When Are Transportation Expenses Deductible?" from IRS Publication 463, and IRS Tax Topic 514 for a general discussion.


Deduct mileage not reimbursed by employer

Thanks PatriciaV, this bit from Topic 514 had me a bit confused, "If you have one or more regular work locations away from your residence, you may also deduct the cost of going between your residence and a temporary work location in the same trade or business within your metropolitan area."  Since all of my clients are temporary work locations, I thought that this had applied to me.


Thanks again!