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CA State Filing

TT won't e-file my CA return. When I hit "file" it goes to a page that says two errors, we need information we had not asked before.  Then it goes to CA depreciation worksheet.  On that page it shows, line 41, Sec 179 asset.  It also says, "this should be blank."  I check "no entry," but it keeps putting Sec 179 asset back into form, and I cannot file.  The two pages both have assets that have been completely depreciated, and Sec 179 was never used.  The assets do not appear on the Fed Depreciation, but somehow are on CA, and simply cannot be "erased."  And I can't file with them in the system, hence no way to file CA Return.  Very frustrating.  Have tried every combination across two days, at least 25 tries and 3 hours of work.  Am prepared never to use TT again--after 7 or 8 satisfied years.