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8582 Passive Activity Loss carry over from prior years

This is my first year using Turbo Tax Premiers in many years.  I have been recently using an accountant. This year I am using Turbo Tax. I have a K1 from an LLC that I am a partner in.  I am actively participating in this business.  In a prior year the loss from this business was reported as a passive investment and I have a passive investment unallowed loss reported in 2016 on form 8582.

I know I can not use this loss this year either but how do I enter this in TurboTax so I can keep track of the unallowed passive loss for future years.  Entering my K1 through the wizard for 2017 I am entering it as Active as that is true for 2017 but how do I enter this passive loss carry over from 2016 for my 2017 filing?