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Need to file 6 years of tax returns (mainly SSDI & Schdl D) with IRS deadline 5/12/18, SSA 4/26/18


To:  An Angel, a Hero, or the nearest really nice person,

     I'm in quite a pickle & need help big time. Both the IRS & SSA gave me very short time limits to complete 6 years of tax returns. I just rec'd the transcripts & forms but have only 4 days left to my 1st deadline (SSA.) From what I remember Turbo-Tax was awesome, really easy and perfectly accurate and would be our saving grace, the answer to prayer - if they have software going back as far as '09, minimum '12. We just need to find a way to pay for all the software, and then figure out how to receive it yesterday!

     My brother, husband and I are all disabled & have been homeless for 8 months (illegally evicted.) I'm the head of the house & care-taker for both guys due to their brain damage. My brother is basically home hospice (MS, Epilepsy, COPD, pulmonary embolism & heart issues) and my husband fractured his skull Mar '14, long coma, and has permanent brain damage plus a heart attack 2 months ago. Our tax records were lost when our home of 15 years was completely destroyed Nov '14.  Previous business records ('08-'12) were lost when the storage co. auctioned the wrong unit. Most of it was recovered & some extras thrown in, probably to make up for the 5 missing file boxes. 

     What I do have is some transcripts but only mine, the IRS neglected to send my husband's reported income (that's ok, he was self employed and the company was seriously in the red before '12) and for some reason they forgot all of 2013 (coincidently, so has my husband.) I'm pretty sure I could piece it together, it was the year we lost our taxi company. The IRS also sent 1040's and the instructions along with Innocent Spouse forms (although who among us are totally innocent? - let them cast the 1st calculator!) 

     Anyway, does TurboTax have any possible package deals for multiple tax years? Would the company ever consider assisting older but really nice disabled people who are in the 30% Median income bracket? (We can prove everything I've written, especially income, or lack there of!) We did qualify for the IRS's Free Filing Assistance but the nearest location still open is in the next state and their last full clinic was yesterday.  Our only vehicle barely made it home from the hospital, 2 days ago and just 2 miles away.

     If there is an angel or hero among you, please contact me anytime day or night at [phone number removed]. We're at the River Inn, Rm 6 in Fox River Grove, IL. We can't have anyone come in person to help as I still have a nasty parasite infection, inside and out. I've had it over 6 months and am still fighting it as much as the day I got it from the last dump we lived in.

   Thanks in advance for reading my tirade. If someone has ideas or opinions that may help, please contact me. Denial doesn't work, I tried it - even changed my name to Cleopatra, but it never fixed anything nor was I ever treated like a Queen, I just rec'd pics of D' Nile and a bunch of nasty mail.



Suzanne Bell

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

and very soon to be Self Tax Preparer

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Need to file 6 years of tax returns (mainly SSDI & Schdl D) with IRS deadline 5/12/18, SSA 4/26/18

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